Florida Corporation Registration

Florida Corporation Registration is a process that is serious, organized and detailed. In Florida, starting a corporation means there is a need to file with the Division of Corporations, the Articles of Incorporation. You may file your documents, by mail or online. On filing with the state, Florida Corporation formally creates this document.


Order: Florida Corporation formation Same Day or Regular Up To 3 Weeks State processing!

1. Your Information:

2. Corporation Name you want:

Select one of the options: Inc., Incorporate, Corp., Corporation. (Does not affect the type of corporation)

3. Registered Agent Service: Choose one option below:

4. Principal Place of Business:

5. Name(s), address(es) and title(s) of officers (Such as President, Vice-President). Also enter name(s) and address(es) of Director(s).

6. Number of authorized stock:

Please enter the number of authorized shares you want the corporation to have. By default 1000 is entered. Please change if you need.

7. Effective Date (Optional):


State form may need to be signed by you.

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If you decide to incorporate in Florida or plan to profit or non-profit business establishment, Florida requires several documents. This includes the Articles of Incorporation. There is a need for the entrepreneurs and sole proprietors can make Florida incorporation complete. The forms and the fees must be submitted as a Florida corporation registration fee to the government office.

Florida Incorporation Service

Florida incorporation services want you to do the related paperwork and to do your business. There are administrative requirements to be adhered to put in place by federal and state governments. The Florida corporation registration can be done online assuring all the documents are filed and submitted. 

The actual incorporation cost in Florida is based on several variables, such as the location and the type of corporation you are running as a business. There may be additional fees to be paid to the Florida State Division of Corporations Department. The common fees include:

  • Certificate of status
  • Certified copy fee
  • Foreign name renewal;
  • Reinstatement for a profit/non-profit organization
  • Resignation of a registered agent for an active/inactive corporation

Companies attempting to complete the incorporation process or Florida corporation registration renewal may learn they have overlooked accidentally paying important fees.  This may obstruct their progress. Thus, double-check to ascertain all the official and legal documents are submitted.

Time to initiate registration

Florida Corporation Registration can be filed online. You can anticipate approval confirmation within 11-18 working days in your email. Mail and print your articles of incorporation and wait to receive approval by mail.

  • You can do a free PDF download of Florida Articles of Incorporation. If so, submit in your state once the filling the form is done. 
  • You can do it online for free.

The requirement

Florida Articles of Incorporation

  1. Business Name – It should include Company, Incorporated, or Corporation as an abbreviation. A professional association should include their abbreviations, Chartered, or so on. Most abbreviations are best as short such as Inc or Corp.
  2. Principal Address
  3. Purpose
  4. Officers and Directors
  5. Authorized Shares
  6. Registered Agent
  7. Registered Agent Address
  8. Florida Incorporator
  9. Effective Date