Florida LLC Requirements

Adhering to the Florida LLC filing requirements is crucial in operating and forming an LLC. Following the requirements includes paying fees, taxes, and sticking to deadlines, so that your business retains its active status.


There is a need to understand the structure of the LLC business. The benefits are amazing for the LLCs as they can have tax benefits and flexible organization, besides limited liability protection for the members, or the owners.


Filing Fees and LLC


Starting in Florida an LLC includes filing a few forms and paying fees. To begin with, is to submit Articles of Organization with appropriate fees to the Florida Division of Corporations.  

  • The fee to file the Articles of Organization is $125.  This payment can be done through check or money order, debit card or credit card.


There are legal requirements for your business in Florida that you may take time to get familiarized with the requirements. The Florida LLC name requirements for 

your business should legally meet the Florida state requirements:

  • It must have an Entity Designator
  • Must be distinguishable
  • Cannot mean the business entity is affiliated with a government agency or is a different business entity type.


Norms to Name filing


  • Filing a name with the Florida state should have an inclusion of a corresponding entity designator. Filing for an LLC, the articles of organization mean the Florida law needs to include: Limited Liability Company, LLC, or L.L.C.
  • Filing at the Corporation, Florida the articles of incorporation require the name to include: Corporation, Company, or Incorporated, Corp, Inc, or Co, Corp., Inc., or Co.
  • You cannot include in your LLC name a designator or include any wording stating explicitly states the business entity is a different business entity type.
  • Thus, to form in Florida an LLC, you must have the proper name to get incorporated. You cannot get approved for names such as ‘Laburnine Corp., LLC’ and this is because of the conflict between LLC and corp.
  • The business name should be specific and cannot imply the business entity is connected to a federal or state government agency.
  • Being unique is a pragmatic requirement. As on Jan1, 2020, there is a requirement from the Florida Department of State to form a corporation or an LLC, compare the potential name with the existing LLCs and corporations.
  • The distinguishing factors not acceptable are:
  1. Making changes with Inc, and LLC, keeping the same name. 
  2. Adding definite or indefinite articles. 
  3. And vs &. 
  4. Including s making it sound plural or adding an apostrophe.
  5. Symbols and punctuation.
  6. Alphanumeric such as 3 Lotus Notes Company and Three Lotus Notes Company.