Florida LLC Fees

Setting up Florida LLC involves several other expenses. Some are to be adhered to by law as Florida LLC formation fees. While a few are recommended to be done. Here you can understand the setting up costs of an LLC that is required legally in Florida and it provides the required information to know the optional services that offer the right value for money.


Required costs

Forming a Florida LLC involves many processes. To begin with is:


State Filing Fee

There is a need to form LLC in Florida and you should file with the Department of State, Articles of Organization. The charges in Florida to process your document is $125 as the fee. There will be an additional fee you have to incur in case you wish to work with some professional service offering business formation. It is recommended to consider professional service.


Business Licenses & Permits Varies

Depending on the geographical location and specific industry relating your business, you may pay for the state, federal, and local licenses or permits so that you operate legally in Florida. The exact cost cannot be imposed or decided without the exact details. Thus, keep some wiggling room for such potential expenses that may be a part of your startup budget. (Corporate Fees)


How to find suitable licenses and permits?

Find out the LLC requirements or get a professional service so that they do the suitable legwork.

  • State- There is a need to learn about the licenses and permits to get started on the process of application. You may proceed to the Division of Corporations website in Florida.
  • Federal- The business licensing requirements in the federal is found on the website of the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  • Local: There is a need to get in touch with the local chamber of commerce to understand the specific municipality or county’s licensing requirements.


Annual fees 

In Florida, there are continuing fees to operate. Florida LLC fees annual refers to the filing fees for an annual report to be done by May 1 every year after the initial filing. The filing fee is $138.75. In case you delay in filing the annual report, the fee escalates to $538.75.  Thus, it is best to file before May 1 the annual report with its regular filing fee. However, there is a $50 fee as an amended annual report. Therefore, in case you are unable to file a perfect annual report, you may file on that date an inaccurate annual report and submit the edited version with an accurate version by paying a fee of $50.